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There is no mistaking the fact that Jordan is a kingdom that is immersed in history and culture, dating back to the ancient civilization. From the moment you step into this country you will realize the disadvantages of living in a digital and social world unlike the traditional world that they had left behind for us. All around are remnants of ancient civilization long since passed, yet they still remain stamped into the very fabric of this amazing kingdom and etched into the soul of the people who live here.

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Petra, the world wonder, is without a doubt Jordan’s most valued treasure and greatest tourist attraction. The Treasury is merely the first of the many wonders that make up Petra. You will need at least four or five days to really explore everything here. As you enter the Petra valley you will be overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this place and its outstanding architectural achievements. Petra dating back to possibly as early as 300 BC, the archaeological site in Jordan’s southwestern desert and capital of the Nabatean Kingdom.IMG_3806 Accessed via a narrow canyon called Al Siq, it contains tombs and temples carved into pink sandstone cliffs, earning its nickname, the “Rose City.” Perhaps its most famous structure is 45m-high Al Khazneh, a temple with an ornate, Greek-style facade, and known as The Treasury. Much must have been written spoken or described about this colossal masterpiece but nothing and I mean absolutely nothing will prepare you for what lies ahead, the beauty of this has to be seen in person to truly understand it. A heads up to get there early if you only have a day, and ensure you wear comfortable shoes and keep yourself hydrated to beat the heat. It is also recommended that you go there with a licensed guide.

Petra_by_Night,_JordanThey do have Petra by night which is even more gorgeous, Petra by Night runs every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week, starts at 20:30 from Petra Visitor Centre and delivers you back by licensed guide to the Visitor Centre around 22.30pm. Cap of a very tiring but eventful day with another sumptuous meal, cooked in the sands. This was definitely a highlight for us, staying at the gorgeous Mariott Petra , to watch a video of the delicious cooking, you may visit the below link on my Instagram page.

I must warn you, you may feel extremely jealous. If you insist, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Home to the local delicacy humus and I can assure you, that you haven’t really had humus, if you haven’t eaten it here. Food is a religion that is second to none here and meals are not meals but they are a gastronomic experience, savoring each morsel as a step towards heaven. With every passing meal, I couldn’t conclude which meal was more orgasmic than the other. Doused in olive oil, lemon, and spicy pepper and chili, this heavenly mixture can leave your taste buds wanting for more. These menus are a staple diet in most of the restaurants and you won’t have to walk miles before you find one. Special mention of the rustic interiors that make you want to go back in time and relive them again.

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The most awaited moment had to be at the end, making it, the absolute icing on the cake. 14516538_10157636638405165_5357470989481957912_nAt 400 meters below sea level making it the lowest point on planet earth, the Dead Sea will make you feel more alive than you ever have. Float like a cloud in its mineral-rich black mud water body which is used for therapeutic and cosmetic 14522760_10157636638600165_893319922591025449_ntreatments. The sheer alkalinity makes it impossible for any marine life to survive, giving it the name, the Dead Sea.


Don’t forget to carry your magazine to click your mandatory picture as your trip will not be complete without that capture. This has to feature on everyone’s bucket list.

After spending only a couple of days and not even seeing a tenth of what Jordan has to offer, this trip of mine ended sooner than I imagined. Like all good things must come to an end, this trip of mine, kept me wanting for more. Not seeing Petra by night, is something that left my trip incomplete, but then again Jordan will leave you like that, just to ensure you come back one more time. To complete this journey, I must return to see the abundance that this country has to offer. Go chase your dreams, don’t let your dreams be just dream.

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Wadi Rum Night under the Stars

To gift your loved one, a once in a lifetime experience, spend a night under the stars in Wadi Rum in a luxury tent and spend a night that you may never forget.

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Petra World Heritage Site

A picture in front of The Treasury

Local Restaurants and Humus

Dip in the Dead Sea

Ballooning in Wadi Rum

Mount Nebo

Should you require any local assistance in Jordan, my recommendation goes to Tyche Tours

In the end a BIG gratitude to our partners who made this unimaginable journey possible.  A  big shout out to the Marriott Group and Tyche Tours for opening the doors to this heavenly destination. Shukran Jordan, Inshallah we shall meet again.


Images like Petra by Night, Ballooning in Wadi Rum and the Night of the Stars have not been clicked by me. The purpose of using these images was purely for reference purposes, to give my readers a preview of what they can expect or rather to entice them. The pictures are not added to take credit of someone else’s images or mislead anyone.